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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

How do you work with couples who are planning to get married?

One we have agreed on the date and time of the wedding, I will send you a sample ceremony for you to review. It will contain suggested wording for the main components of the wedding: 

  • The Declaration of Intent (this is where you say, "I do") &

  • The Exchange of Vows and the Exchange of Rings

I will also suggest places where a song or reading can be inserted. You are free to select from the choices I offer, to edit or rewrite parts of the ceremony, or to decide on a ceremony entirely of your own creation. 

A couple of weeks before the wedding, I will talk with you about what makes you unique. How you met and the interests you share, for example and I will incorporate this into the greeting to your guests. 

If you want a simple ceremony without guests or witnesses, I am happy to accommodate this. 

There are many lovely venues on the South Shore for a wedding and I perform weddings at locations outside, at restaurants, and function halls, and private homes. If you have a small group you can get married in my home. 

What types of ceremonies do you perform?

I want your wedding to be exactly as you wish it to be. I am happy to do traditional or contemporary ceremonies. You are free to incorporate a religious theme or to have a secular ceremony. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has few requirements for a marriage so couples have a lot of flexibility in creating their ceremony.

Do you perform same sex ceremonies?


Can our children participate in the ceremony?

Yes, I am happy to work with you and the children so they can have a role in this happy occassion.

What happens at the end of the ceremony?

I complete the officiant's portion of your marriage license and return it to the clerk in the city or town whereyou applied for your license. The clerk will certify the document as your marriage certificate. You can get a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the clerk.

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